Best LCD Televisions

Best LCD Televisions
Television, one of man’s best inventions of all time which paved the way for the development of modern inventions, is one of the most important appliances in one’s household. Man’s insatiable yearning for quality as well as beauty pushed further the development of television in the modern era. The demand for an exhilarating visual experience as well as vivid audio quality has become one of the standards most televisions are required to meet in able to satisfy consumers. This is also a standard in which the best LCD televisions base their designs.

Gone were the days when televisions used CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes). Televisions now utilize the LCD technology aside from LED. LCD televisions are thinner and lighter compared to CRT of the same size; however they also come in even bigger sizes. Televisions with LCD technology are the mostly sold and produced. LCD televisions are however not perfect but they are widely popular because they come both come in high demand and supply, meaning they come at a reasonable price – a price worth the quality. In terms of power usage, however, LCD televisions are relatively at the same power usage level as that of CRTs. LCDs televisions are also not perfect. Early LCDs are also unable to fully grasp the picture of fast moving objects, and some current models are also poor in this aspect as well as in terms of reaction time.

In modern times, HD (High Definition) videos are increasing in popularity as well as becoming as an ideal standard for most videos. In able to fully enjoy the ultimate HD experience in Television, consumer and manufacturers alike recommend the best LCD televisions. These best LCD televisions are usually 10 to more than 60 inches. They are also HDTV with LCD technology and some are of even newer technology such as LCD with backlights.

The following are examples of the best LCD televisions:

The Samsung UND8000 Series – comes in a best-in-class looks and features but with image quality incomparable to many less expensive models. The price range is around $2,495 to $3,599.99.

The Vizio XVT3SV Series – comes in with excellent imaging display with tons of features, thoughtful design, and the reasonable price to boot, makes it one of the best value among high-end LED-based LCD TVs. Excellent quality with a cheaper price range, what more can you ask?

The LG LX9500 Series – exquisite array of features plus an almost frameless design, with excellent 2D performances are the strong points of this series model. Although, the 3D aspects could use a little more work.

Sony XBR-HX909 series – black levels are top-quality and its imaging performances are superb, quite befitting to be called a Sony product. However, its price range doesn’t quite live up to its overall expectations.

Samsung UND6400 series – with a solid overall quality, in both 2D and 3D, along with a wide range of features and appearance, models of this series are one of the best edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs. It is definitely worth the price for one of the best LCD televisions.