10 of the Best Free Apps for IP Cameras

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If you are going to install a handful of indoor IP cameras around your residence or workplace, then you will undoubtedly require to operate with the appropriate apps. These apps can help make it a lot simpler to verify and manipulate the IP camera feed providing you additional options like two-way audio and pan-tilt-zoom.

So without additional ado, right here is a rapid list of ten cost-free apps to support make working with PTZ IP cameras a whole lot less difficult:

1.IP Cam Viewer Lite – this is a single of the initial apps you will want to verify. It supports a load of features, from SSL encryption and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) to motion detection and digital zoom options. If you want to verify your IP camera program from your phone, then this is the application to start with. (4.3 stars with 16.3k+ ratings)

2.IP Webcam – this is a great application for turning an old phone into a low-key IP video camera. It can even stream the feed by means of an internal WLAN network that is not connected to the Internet, which is a quite useful feature when converting cell phones to impromptu IP cameras. (4.4 stars with 15.6k+ ratings)

3.Wi-Fi Home Surveillance IP Cam – this is one more application to for transforming old mobile phones into remote video cameras. It has really a handful of far more features like two-way audio and automatic pairing of cell phones, but this version only functions for cell phones sharing the same wireless network. (4.2 stars with 1.8k+ ratings)

4.Internet Surveillance IP Cam – this is generally the Internet version of the aforementioned app. This makes it possible for you to remotely view and manipulate one more phone acting as an IP video camera by means of an on the web connection. This signifies the cell phones have to be connected by WiFi, 3G or 4g. (3.9 stars with 870+ ratings)

5.Net Eye Camera – a quite nifty application with a very easy-to-use interface. What truly sets it apart from the other apps in this list, nonetheless, is a useful database of public cameras for you to peruse. This consists of cameras devoted to public targeted traffic, college campus cameras and even beach cameras. (4.2 stars with 1k+ ratings)

6.IP Cam Remote With Audio – this aptly named application (pun not intended) is developed to work with MJPEG cameras and boasts a robust two-way audio program. The app’s clean user interface is also a joy to operate with, so that alone could be properly worth installing the application. (4.3 stars with 440+ ratings)

7.IP Camera Multi-Viewer – this is a quite useful all-in-one application for IP cameras, with help for motion-detection and reside manipulation of the cameras being the foremost features. The application, nonetheless, was developed mainly for Xinhai IP security camera models and could encounter compatibility difficulties with other third-party models. (3.6 stars with 30+ ratings)

8.RC Camera – this is a great application for taking consecutive snapshots with your IP cameras instead of recording direct videos that eat up far more memory. This is an excellent application for long-term surveillance where file sizes require to be kept as minimal as possible. (3.9 stars with 50+ ratings)

9.CloudCorder IP Camera Recorder – if you require cloud or on the web storage for the videos you capture with your IP cam program, then this is the application for you. Just make certain to register an account with the site of IPCameraManager for this application to work effectively. (5. stars with just 8 ratings)

10.MEye – this application not only views and manipulates the feed from your IP cameras, but it also lets you work with your DVRs also. The cost-free version contains ads although. (4.3 stars with 1.9k+ ratings)

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