5 Overlooked Features You Never Believed Your GPS Devices Could Have

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GPS devices are becoming more and more prevailing today, from your run-of-the-mill mobile phone to newer watches coming out of the marketplace. The simple GPS tracker, however, is shaping up to be significantly more than a simple device that tells you your longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. Right here are some of the much more common functions that are getting integrated into the units: Android Operating System.

The Android OS is maybe one of the greatest developments for GPS devices given that the inception of GPS itself. Android offers the average GPS tracker significantly much more versatility than ever before, specifically when coupled with touch screen tablets that make the most out of Android’s multiple functions. You fundamentally have a little, customizable computer along with you when you bring along your GPS navigator with you. This allows you to work with a range of relevant applications, from ones that measure the distance you travel to ones that alert you to any possible threats or obstacles along your route.

DVR Functionality

The much more modern GPS devices are actually capable of recording both video and travel information. This may not appear like much at first glance but will prove to be an incredibly useful function if you ever figure into an accident. The unit keeps video and tracks your GPS signal before, throughout and soon after an accident – providing you strong proof to assist your case when your auto insurance coverage company begins checking what occurred. This is specifically important when an offensively hostile driver pushes the blame upon you even when he or she was genuinely the one at fault. All you want to do is hand over a copy of the video and GPS coordinates and you’ll be secure as can be.

GSM/WCDMA compatibility

Being in a position to send and obtain text messages is a quite big thing for a GPS tracking unit. The exact same can be stated for being in a position to access 3G networks to hop online. You could find yourself in an emergency where you can not attain your mobile phone, like when you get into a serious auto accident or anything similar. In circumstances like this, you want to have a lot of backup models to alert buddies, family members, colleagues and emergency firms about your plight. GPS devices with ‘panic buttons’ automatically connect to GSM and WCDMA networks to send out a distress signal that’ll bring support your way in as little time as possible.


One of the greatest headaches with the average GPS tracker is updating maps. Standard GPS devices call for an update card that costs money to buy, but items capable of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots can swiftly and painlessly update their mapping software in the blink of an eye. You also have tablet GPS devices that allow you to get on the Internet utilizing a browser. This is specifically common on devices with the Android operating system installed on them.

Solar Power

And last but not the least is the choice to choose out GPS devices that come with their own solar panels. This is quite useful for the handheld GPS navigator created with cyclists and hikers in mind. All you want to do is find a sunny area and you’ll automatically start off recharging the batteries of your GPS model even as you use it to verify your surroundings.

Keep all this mind and you’ll soon find out that GPS devices can grow to be so a lot more than just navigational tools!

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