A Brief Overview of the CPU : A Short Report on It

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Lots of people seem to consider the brain of the PC to be the central processing unit (also known as the CPU). This is where all processes happen and are housed. There are many things that go into creating a CPU. So computer operations do depend a lot on this relatively small unit. Lots of changes happened to the design of the CPU in the past 60 years, and more. The basic and main function did not change very much at all. The main purpose of the CPU (no matter its physical concept) is to execute program instructions. During the execution of a program, there are four steps being used. We call the first step ‘fetch’. This step will retrieve one instruction from some kind of cache or from the memory. The decode step in the operation of the CPU breaks that instruction up into different parts. All those different parts are then being executed in a 3rd step called execute. We then have the write back step. This is the last step in the central processing unit operation. On that last step, the processor will write the executed instruction back to the memory. On this website “processors“ you will read more about computer processor.

You may have an interest in many computer’s components. The main specification of a CPU that most people are concerned with is the clock rate. This rate will indicate the speed at which the CPU can execute instructions. It is important to keep in mind that the clock rate is good for comparing processors in the same family, but it is not an indicator of better performance when comparing across different brands or families of processors. Because of the confusion surrounding the clock speed showing performance, manufacturers are using model names and number to advertise their processors. To show the possible performance of a CPU, it is also possible to use the width of both the cache and data bus. In order to get an accurate and true comparison of processors, simply use benchmarking programs or read professional reviews that may have performed the tests. Check this site “processors“ for more info about CPU.

There are many companies that will manufacture CPUs. The most known ones are Advanced Micro Devices and Intel. They are quite known in the business. Intel was during the mid 90s the main manufacturer to produce processors for PC systems. The rise of Intel’s success was in part because of the increased popularity of PC systems for home use. The CPU is always improved and modified by both those manufacturers. Right now, those companies are focusing a lot to lower energy consumption. Besides they are increasing the performance so they can keep up with demanding computer applications.

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