Advertising Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts

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Mobile phones can be very costly especially for people who are using prepaid phones instead of a contract one. There may be a reason that they are unable to get a contract phone so think that they have no choice. Guaranteed mobile phone contracts are available though.

If you have been told that you cannot get a contract in the past from a store that is selling the cell phones and contracts, you know how frustrating this can be. You also know that they will tell you that a certain amount needs to be put down before they can offer you that contract. Many times this is per line, not the account. Most of the time it will be an amount that people are not willing to give them to hang onto.

Get Accepted For A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit History

The only problem is that the money that you are paying them is going to be held to ensure that they do not lose out on any money if you do not pay your bill. You will eventually get that back but you have to prove that you are able to pay that bill on time each month. Most people are not willing to do this.

After you have proven that the bill is going to be paid after a certain amount of time, the money will either be applied to your bill or a check will be sent to you. Many times this can be a year or more before you will see that money. Sometimes there are stipulations in the contract that if one bill is late, you will lose that money.

Another way to get on a contract plan is to ask a friend if you can be added to their account if you pay your bill each month. The only problem with this is that you will not be building any type of credit for yourself. You may still get a free phone with your contract too.

Many of the companies that have the prepaid cell phones that you can buy in department stores and gas stations are now offering contracts when you buy their products as well. These do not include all of the fancy features that some of the bigger companies are offering. Some of these are much cheaper than paying for the bigger names anyways.

These plans are going to include a limited number of minutes and text messages. Some of the plans will not allow you to go over this amount but others will and you could get charged an outrageous price for the overage. This is why it is a good idea to know the approximate number of minutes or texts that you are going to need.

Some people choose a plan with more minutes than they think they might need to make sure that they are not having any overage that they have to pay for. A lot of times the plan can be changed easily so that you are not paying more than you are using each month. Most of the phones that are distributed now have all of the features available, such as voice mail, caller id and text messaging.

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