Amazing Upgraded HD Effect Hidden Pen Camera DVR With Built in 8 GB Memory

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Fantastic retention life with a big 8GB of memory built-in! Comes total with absolutely nothing else to buy for memory because it has all the things you will need to save all photos and videos you want. You do not need to take additional sd cards, or remember to bring one, as it is all built into the pen camera, just grab and go.

The Amazing High Definition Effect Wide Angle features a width and height of 1280 X 960. This also makes you to enjoy Fantastic Color Video Quality in 30FPS AVI format! Another perk is the real high sensitivity mic for audio recording! Entertainment has never been so fascinating or so advanced. Everyone will definitely amazed with all your high-tech splendid toys, and so will you!

The impressive full color HD effect photo’s in JPEG are amazing with image resolution quality of 3840×2880. This can create a very clear photo, and make them easily shareable when it comes to sharing them around the net, social medias or sharing to friends via email. And of course it comes fully built with a 1.3 Mega pixel HD effect lens. This is absolutely top quality in capturing great HD pictures whether you are capturing your daily life, environment, as wells as some thrilling experience. If you would like to take shots that are frame worthy or do any type of graphic design then you will take advantage of this greatly. They also look nice on just about any sort of social networking websites like Twitpic, Facebook or Instagram to keep track of moments and share your fun times.

Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for about 60 minutes HD effect video recording time. Convenient. Therefore, you will not have to make sure you carry around extra parts. Connect it into the USB port of your television for instant picture and video viewing. Do it at your next family get together and then see the amazed look on their faces when they see themselves on TV. This can also run on Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems! You don’t need to install a driver into the PC. Hassle-free, easy to carry and entertaining, it does not get a lot better than the Amazing Pen Camera.

The Amazing Pen Camera!
Not Your Average Pen

-It may write similar to your writing pens, but it carries outstanding functions.
-You never have to be concerned about missing the most important part of a class lecture or a very important meeting again! This pen is ideal for students or business professionals. It allows you to document both video and audio without any person noticing it. This tool is what you would like to have with you that will keep track of your daily life.
-launch the budding spy in your son or daughter, or channel your own inner-James Bond with this modern, cutting-edge spy pen camera! The hidden video or audio features are ideal when you play pranks on your friends, or best for a spy game with the neighborhood kids.

Comes with HD Video Plus a Mini DVR

Complete Use of These Benefits
-Easy user manual written in the USA
-24/7 access to our site with additional helpful tips

Your new top quality spy pen tool is convenient, good-quality, durable and also created to meet all your inner-spy needs! You can be guaranteed not to ever be dissatisfied or you’ll get your money back. If you’re not a hundred percent fulfilled with the product, you’re guaranteed a full refund. Get one Now and Start Spying Today! Don’t wait! This spy camera is going fast so make sure you order yours and some for your buddies and family! This is an excellent gift and will make you the hero of any birthday or upcoming holiday.

Get yours now at×2880-Hidden-Pinhole-Mini-CAM-Pencam-Recorder-Black/dp/B00G2TEKM2/spy pen/

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