China Phone Purchasing Guide, Match the Cell Phone to the Price Tag

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China mobiles have taken the world by storm.

Even the most basic cell telephone cost one hundred US or more and phones with features like cameras, web access, quad-band capacities and slots for multiple SIM cards were either prohibitively dear or unheard of .

That has all modified inside only a few years of China phones hitting the market. The first OEM cell phone was available in 2007 and now there are so many and the phones are so cost-effective that Nokia’s market share in India halved between 2011.

Unfortunately though there’s a wide range of phones in every price range and you have a range of form factors, phone operating systems and parts to select from.

This makes choosing the right phone tricky at best and a total guide on buying phones could take an eternity.

Thankfully , it is easy to work out the costs / features of varied phones. So lets have a look at what kind of bang you should expect from your buck.

Please remember that this is only a suggestion and prices and specs will change over time as advanced technology becomes available for inexpensive China Phone.

$0 – $100

This area of the market is where things have a tendency to get the murkiest as phones around this area can operate on one of three operating systems come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and have a variety of different features.

The sole fixed rule in this price bracket is that If you’re paying less than 60 $ then don’t expect to get anything that has WiFi and if you’re paying less than 40 then you could be getting a dual band phone which should only work in half of the Earth.

O. S : Nucleus RTOS, Android, Windows
Networks : 850 / nine hundred / 1800 / 1900MHz
Chipset : 208Mhz-400MHz
Internet : GPRS / WiFi
Camera .3 2MP
Build Quality : Good to average

One Hundred to 2 Hundred

This area has a tendency to be less dreary, although there are still a lot of variables to consider (routinely OS). One thing you can say for certain though is that any phone that doesn’t have WiFi or global coverage is overpriced.

Operating System : Nucleus RTOS, Android, Windows
Networks : eight hundred and fifty / nine hundred / 1800 / 1900MHz
Chipset : 400MHz-500MHz
Internet : WiFi
Camera .3 2MP
Build Quality : Good to average

$200 Or More

This is the range you see Android / Windows phones that truly perform. These phones are probably going to come with either capacitive or multi-touch resistive screens and will support 3G SIM cards. Some phones may even come with added features like projectors or dedicated game players and controllers

Operating System : Android, Windows
Networks : 850 / nine hundred / 1800 / 1900MHz,W-CDMA
Chipset : 1GHz up
Internet : WiFi, 3G
Camera 1.3 3MP
Build Quality : Wonderful

Choosing the phone that is good for you is just a bit simpler with this guide. Print it out and keep it handy for next time you’re hunting for Android phones on the web.

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