Customize Your Personality With BlackBerry Bold 9790

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In case you are looking for something somewhat less costly than Research In Motion’s 9900, RIM has announced a cellphone that you could be thinking about. This is actually the Blackberry Bold 9790. Regarding general style, the phone seems much like the 9900. It has rounded edges instead of the 9900’s angular design and style. What exactly helps make the cellphone distinct? Let us take a peek under the hood.

In relation to measurements, the phone features a height of 110 mm, a width of 60 mm, as well as a thickness of 11.4 mm. The 9900 features a height of 115 mm, a width of 66 mm, as well as a thickness of 10.5 mm. It truly is somewhat fuller than the other cellphone. Nevertheless, it’s more compact with regard to height as well as width. This means that you just obtain a scaled-down sort of RIM’s high-end smartphone.

In relation to storage space, you receive exactly the same 8 GB of inner storage. This will be adequate to store your apps, videos, pictures, and other information. If ever you want more storage space, the cellphone supports as much as 32 GB from a micro-SD card. This may be ideal for end users to adore take photos or maybe record videos on their devices.

In relation to the phones’ cameras, both variations have 5 mega-pixel cameras. Nevertheless, the Blackberry Bold 9790 includes a 5 megapixel camera that will record videos in merely VGA-quality. The other version includes a digicam with the identical megapixel count. Nevertheless, it may record videos in 720p (high-definition).

There is possibly a variation in relation to the phones’ internet connection speeds. The 9900 permits end users to get at speeds of up to 14.4 mbps as well as get at speeds of up to 5.76 mbps. The Blackberry 9790 solely gives get speeds of up to 7.2 mbps as well as upload speeds of up to 5.76 mbps. Each phones can certainly connect on the online via Wi-Fi. This means that they can connect to the online via public hotspots, workplace networks, and also private wireless networks.

Another variation is running power. RIM’s high-end touch screen phone shows up bundled with a 1.2 GHz single-core QC 8655 processor under the hood. This modern variation comes stuffed with a 1 GHz single-core Marvel Tavor MG1 processor under the hood. Despite the fact that it has a processor with 200 MHz less, it is unsure if you will be ready to tell the difference.

Now that you just find out more concerning the characteristics stuffed under the Blackberry Bold 9790’s hood, you’ll get to better decide if your handset is best for you. Find more info here.

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