Cute iPod Cover With Swivel Function Creates an Ease of Use

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I got this swivel iPad case as a birthday day gift from my mother in law last month. At first I was a little bit disappointed that I got another iPad case (I have two currently); nevertheless, when I found out that this iPad case lets you quickly pivot the ipad 360 degrees and has a smart cover- I altered my mind entirely!

The swivel capability of this case is truly a game changer in my viewpoint. I would continuously take my other covers off if I needed to see a web page in another direction, as my other iPad cases made the switch from one view to another extremely uncomfortable. This iPad case addresses this issue with ease.

I have actually had this iPad case now for about two months and have actually only taken it off once to wipe down my iPad screen, and it was quite easy to put back on. Plus the black polka dotted pattern gets me compliments when I use it out and about at coffee bars and such.

This is a wonderful buy if you are trying to find a present for an “iPad using” mother or twenty something gal. I really liked it so much I found it on amazon to order for a friend of mine and was amazed by the affordable rate. I have actually enjoyed this iPad cover quite much and I would entirely suggest it over numerous more expensive versions offered.

With the age of innovation continuing, it’s not uncommon to see people carrying around personal tablets such as Apple’s iPad. However, these aren’t exactly hand held gadgets, and can be rather cumbersome without some type of stand to hold them up while in use.

There is also the issue of possible scratches to the screen if just thrown in a backpack or briefcase in addition to everything else. The 360 Degree Swivel iPad Case and Stand is the ideal solution to both of these issues! While many cases for the iPad will just support the tablet horizontally, this case has the capability to pivot and provide both the horizontal and portrait display choices, all without any hassle!

There are also various slots in the case that allow for different display angles (3 choices for horizontal display, and 2 for vertical), making it easy to transition from seeing a show to typing on the screen without straining your wrists. The thoroughly cut slots in the case permit complete access to all functions, such as volume control, earphone jack, and the sleep button. The 360 Degree Swivel iPad Case and Stand comes in both trendy black and red, with white polka dots, adding a blast of color and character to the smooth iPad. At 10 inches long, the case will hold the original iPad and also the iPad 2.

It also contains a smart cover, which means that when you close your case, the iPad will automatically sleep, saving battery power, along with turn the display back on when you open the case. With the convenience that tablets provide, they’re ending up being a lot more a staple of society, and you do not wish to miss out on such a special and easy to use case like this.

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