Cutting Edge Technology of the Garmin Nuvi 3790T.

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If you are looking for innovation and tradition, both of these can be found in the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS. The former is based on the reliability of Garmin electronic products. The representation of innovative engineering along with a new design style is what we want to see in a new GPS model. To account for the the very slimmed down all new device profile, we offer some explanations.

Ergonomic considerations are almost a must-have aspect for consumer electronics. The convenience of being able to carry the Nuvi 3709T in a shirt pocket and the Pedestrian navigation mode addresses the new marketing demand. It is a bit early to know if Garmin’s latest release is a hit or miss, though.

The capacitive glass variety of touchscreen is a new feature that has caught out attention because of the ability to zoom in and out using the pinching action. The Nuvi 3790T multi-touch function may not seem as advanced to you if you are an Android or iPhone user. The way it operates and its effectiveness are not hampered even though it may not seem to be as completely smooth or seamless. In ambient lighting conditions, the lack of light sensors for adjustments can be a minor drawback. The high quality screen display easily compensates for that problem.

This GPS includes advanced speech recognition as consumers these days seem to want voice activation and control.

The Real View Advanced Lane Guidance can still be found in the Nuvi 3790T GPS. This function, for those who are haven’t used Garmin, is the ability to display the real life image of the surrounding areas and road. In addition, you will notice the signs are just like what you see in real life. On the major roads, interstates and others, these many applications of this feature will be helpful. Its excellent abilities and features along with its updated ergonomics makes the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS a highly likable product. Garmin might be able to bring in more of the female GPS user market with its new low profile design. Because of its compact and easy to carry size, we know that men will appreciate it as well.

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