How To: Install USB 2.0 10100Mps Network Adaptor

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USB 2.0 Network adaptor by SolTeck allows you to turn your USB port into a 10/100Mps network connection using your Desktop Computer, Notebook or Tablet

Check out this related 'How To' video to see how you can easily connect to the web in seconds.


This little gadget is especially beneficial if you find that you are having trouble connecting to the web through your wireless connection and you need to get back online quickly without the long winded channels of trouble shooting or waiting in a queue for tech support to come to the rescue …

Let's not forget that the connection speeds through a wired connection are 10 times faster than basic wireless connections, this is great for gamers and movie enthusiasts. No more disrupted streaming while enjoying your films online or blasting your opponents a way on your favorite 'shoot em up'.

check out the 'How To' video… this handy little device can help save the day …

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