How to Perform a Cell Phone Lookup

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A phone lookup service can be very useful to you when an unknown number calls your phone. All you have to do is enter the phone number into a form and the service will return the name and the address of the person who registered the phone number. As long as the phone number calling you is listed in the phone book and is a landline, reverse phone lookups are pretty simple to do. Reverse cell phone lookup services are a little different because these numbers are not listed in publicly available databases like community white pages.

Free vs. Paid

Cellular phone number databases are privately held by the various cell phone service providers. They will lease these databases to a lookup service for a fee. That is one reason why you need to pay to find out information on a reverse phone lookup. The service needs to recoup their costs. You can enter a cell number into a free reverse lookup service but you will usually only get vague information like the call is from a cell phone registered in a particular city. Privacy concern is another reason cell phone number information is not freely dispersed. People agree to have landline numbers publicly displayed in a phone book but cell phone owners give no such permission. In order to get the information you want, you must use a credit card and identify yourself. This helps weed out stalkers and illegal activities.

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Is it Legal?

A reverse cell phone lookup is entirely legal. The lookup service leases cell phone number databases from several cellular service providers. They pay fees in order to access all of these databases and it is done under mutual agreement in a legal fashion. The have permission to use the databases to offer paid cell phone lookups. When you do a reverse cell phone lookup you do not have to worry about breaking the law because you are paying to access private information and are not illegally tapping into someone’s database. Of course, you must use the information you receive for lawful purposes only.

What can you find out?

When you perform a reverse mobile phone lookup there is various information you can learn, it can depend on which service you access as to the amount of information that can be found out by you. You will learn the simple things such as name and location of the individual who owns the number for the cell phone. The lookup service that you sign up to might also have an expanded plan that lists the names of other individuals along with their ages who dwell at the same address. A partial background check might also be performed by you through the service at a slightly higher cost, because this deals with searching through added databases to get you your information.

Using a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup service to get basic information is usually all you need and the small fee you have to pay for it can give you peace of mind when you have unknown numbers on your phone. Unlawful callers sometimes think they can hide behind a cell phone number since cell numbers are not listed in public databases, but thankfully you can do a reverse phone lookup and find out who is making those calls.

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