How Your Android Tablet Computer Can Become an All-in-1 Gadget

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The humble Android Tablet PC can be a useless slab of plastic or an outstanding gadget that serves a wide range of purposes. But what precisely can your Android tab do for you? Right here are some of the more important functions you can squeeze out of that brand-spanking new piece of tech:

*Organizer – the light weight and relatively portable size of a tablet personal computer tends to make it an perfect substitute product for standard paper organizers. Apps like Evernote and Contact+ help you do just that, organizing your to-dos and your contacts in a clear and concise manner. You’ll never ever miss a meeting or lose contact details ever again!

*Communications Hub – Require VOIP calls? Skype has you covered. How about free of charge calls? Viber can do that. Need to attend conferences? GoToMeeting does that for you. Need to manage your social media networks like Twitter and Facebook? Pulse is there. Really, the Android Tablet PC has a boatload of apps all made to make communications a breeze.

*Document Processor – want to type up a report, balance those accounting sheets or draw up an exciting presentation for this afternoon’s meeting? You can do just that on your Tablet PC, specially with apps like Kingsoft Office and Olive Office Premium making it possible for you to perform on these documents on your Android slate.

*Digital Camera – chances are your Android OS Tablet PC has a nifty camera attached to it, especially on higher-end models with cameras that have high megapixel counts. Unlike ordinary cameras even though, apps like the Aviary Photo Editor give you more options when it comes to polishing those snapshots.

*Document Scanner -The camera on your portable tablet can do more than just snap photographs. Apps like Mobile Doc Scanner Lite let you scan documents and then save them in PDF format – excellent for storing and sharing those papers or receipts.

*Portable DVD Player – Apps like VPlayer and MX Player let you to watch a plethora of videos on your Android tablet PC. Just slap on a decent flash drive, begin up the players and get viewing those videos. This is excellent for spending free time in your hotel room or keeping the children occupied throughout far journeys.

*GPS Tracker – Require maps to tell you exactly in which you are or how to get the destination you have to go? Apps like GPS Essentials and NavFree will help you do just that. Not only do these apps show GPS information, but the interface of a touch tablet can make operating these apps simple – one thing that is rare to uncover on bigger, clumsier GPS receivers.

*Calculator & Converter – The Handyman Calculator is an suitable app for dealing with a variety of calculation and conversion tasks on the go. Apps like this one remove the need for dedicated scientific calculators and conversion booklets in favor of a single comprehensive application.

*Digital Picture Frame – so your Android tablet PC has served you nicely over the many years and you’re looking to improve. Why throw away your beloved PC tablet when you can set up apps like Photo Slides and change the tablet into a digital picture frame?

Okay, so your Android tablet PC can not cook meals and walk the puppy for you – yet – but it does serve a whole lot of functions that you’d be foolish to disregard. Just make positive that your tablet has the proper CPU and memory power to deal with all the apps you will inevitably want to set up on it!

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