Kavcor Hidden Cam With Fm Radio, Audio/Video Player for Home,Office

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Hidden Cam in Beautiful Digital Clock Radio Provides Super Quality Video in light and complete darkness

I didn't know what to do. I purchased a spy camera because I suspected my boyfriend might be removing money from my purse. I found out that he wasn't – it was my daughter. But the cam doesn't lie and it also showed my boyfriend cheating. Heaven how long both those things would have gone on if I hadn't of made the difficult decision to use a hidden camera.

I didn't know anything about concealed cameras so I just went to amazon and started looking around. I selected this model because it's in a digital clock so I knew it would look like it belonged in any room and it looked really elegant.

Buying it on amazon was so easy. The process is very straightforward and 3 days later the camera showed up at my home. The shipping was free and amazon has a no question refund policy (although I sure didn't need it for this purchase). They also sent an email to make sure it got there and that everything was OK! There's a reason so many people buy there.

This hidden camera really helped me and I still use it. I recently purchased another one for my office. If you have something going on in your life that makes you wish you could monitor something when you aren't there, just go to amazon and get this camera. It is so worth it and it couldn't be easier.

Do you stress about what occurs in your home, workplace, or hotel when you're away? Do you need video security recordings to protect yourself?

The Kavcor premium Hidden Video camera with digital clock, FM Radio, MP3/4 player, DVR and Speaker offers you continuous 24/7 concealed video recording. This spycam's small size, quality and elegance make it appear like it belongs in any room – and the video camera function is totally hidden. It can tape high quality video out to 20 ft in good lighting and the infrared mode sees out to 9 ft in total darkness.

You do not need to remove the SD micro card or use a computer to look at the recording – you can do it just on the unit LCD display.

When the camera is not activated you can use this unit to listen to mp3 audio files, watch mp4 video files, or just use it as a digital clock!

Unlike lots of other covert cameras, the Kavcor has these included advantages:
video only mode so using it follows all federal, state and provincial laws.
16GB SD memory card installed so you can begin using it immediately, collecting up to 16 days constant recording.
78 inch USB cable provides flexibility in positioning this spy camera away from a power outlet.

The Kavcor Hidden Video camera is absolutely discreet and reliable. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have this included layer of security when you aren't present to view things yourself. 30 day 100 % Satisfaction guarantee or you can get a full refund.

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