Never Have Your Digital Camera Run Out of Power Ever Again

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If you are like me and are constantly on the road, you know how important it is to make sure your cell phone, camera or tablet is charged so you can stay connected even though you are miles from a power socket. But the thing is, you probably run out of power in the most inconvenient of places where is there is no power point to recharge your device – but no longer…

I always like the idea of getting a power bank so that I can charge my smart phone at anytime when I am low or out of charge. The concept of the power banks is simple; you charge the power bank at home or your office and carry the power bank with you. When you run out of juice you simply plug the the power bank into your device and wait a while for your gadget to get fully charged.

What this means is that you can continue to make calls, sends texts, be connected on the internet, take photos, listen to music, watch videos or do anything that your electronic device allows you to do – even when you are away from a power socket!

However, the reality is that power banks are big bulky items are heavy and so are not ideal to carry around.

All I ever wanted was a small version of a power bank that is small, light and portable: something that is perfect for those one off situations where I am caught without power and away from a socket.

Well after much searching, I found what I was looking for on Amazon. I found a very low priced small power bank that is perfect to charge most electronic devices to a full battery.

This power bank by Lightningfast has a small capacity for charge compared to other power banks but I didn’t let this put me off – because it was its size that clinched it for me! This particular product only has a charge capacity of 2,200mAh which is a fraction of most other power banks. However, it is perfect for my needs – it charges my iPhone 5S to maximum battery in only 2 hours. This is ideal when out and about and need to charge immediately there and then.

These power banks, as well as charging smart phones, can also charge, tablets, digital cameras, GPS, MP3 players and MP4 players.

Perfect for that emergency one time charge.

I bought it from Amazon (they ship fast plus they have a really comforting money-back guarantee that ensures you are always satisfied with your purchase), I thought I would give them a try and wow did it turn out to be a great decision.

The power bank came in really high quality packaging that makes the product look reassuring. It works perfectly with any electronic device that charges via a USB cable, and what I really liked was the incredible follow up they had ensuring that I received my product and more importantly (to me anyway) they gave me a bunch of fantastic tips for how to keep my battery life to last longer.

If you are in the market for a new power bank that is small, robust and perfect to take with you anywhere you go then I encourage you to click the link below. I am sure you will be more than impressed with the price and quality!

Charge Your Electronic Gadgets & Stay Charged When Away From A Socket
Are You In An Immediate Need To Charge Your Smart Phone, Tablet Or Digital Camera But Are Far Away From A Power Source?
• This power bank charges in only 5 hours and discharges to your device in only two hours (for most cell phones).
• Plug in and use – no buttons to confuse you.
• Will charge/discharge five hundred times before capacity is reduced.
• Its internal protection chip system will will stop overcharging and over discharging that can damage your smart phones, tablets, cameras etc….
• Start charging and discharging straight away with the included Micro USB to USB cable. Any other USB cable can be used to discharge power to a device that does not have a Micro USB socket – such as a Lightning to USB cable for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.
Emergency 1 Full Charge on Smart Phones
The 2,200mAh capacity will charge 100%+ on all smart phones ensuring that in desperate situations you can have access to friends, family and the internet.
1 device to charge them all
Use it to charge smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, MP3 & MP4 players, GPS devices and handheld game consoles amongst others
You can tell if there is power flowing
The LED will glow: red when charging and blue when discharging to your device.
Portable, convenient, and light weight
Take it anywhere you go, its streamline elliptical design fits into the tiniest of spaces such as a purse or slim fit jeans pockets. No longer do you need to take a heavy, brick like power source.

Backed up with a 2 year free replacement guarantee.
Order now and you will get your new Emergency 1 Full Charge Portable Power Bank Charger in just a few days!

Click to keep reading about this power bank product

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