New Technology Treat: Chromebox

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Samsung’s completely new Google Chromebox it’s essentially a desktop adaptation of its Chromebook. It is a little less expensive at £280, instead of £380 for the Chromebook Series 5 550. It falls short of the display, nevertheless offers quite a bit more connectivity – especially in regards to video output. Click this link for more details.

But £280 is just not particularly cheap. For that kind of money, you can get a Windows-based PC with a couple fair components. We are really not discussing gaming rig right here, but certainly with a little more oomph than the Chromebox.

Stylistically, there isn’t much to say of the Chromebox. It is a box. A black one, inside of which might be some pretty standard PC components. There’s, by way of example, 4GB of RAM as well as an Intel “Core” CPU. Not just a high-spec machine by any standard, yet recognisable to be a PC nonetheless.

Definitely, you’ll have to use your own personal keyboard and mouse, nevertheless we had no problem utilizing wireless hardware from it. There was no installing drivers or messing about with settings – aside from the mouse speed – and we were up-and-running in seconds. All computer experiences must be similar to this.

Truthfully, we’re a little confused with the Chromebox. We understand the Chromebook a tad bit more, to tell the truth. Iit is a light, simple laptop that utilizes the net to make sure that you’re always backed-up, and accessing up-to-date cloud storage.

Internet connections also are amazingly generous. There are 6 USB sockets dotted around the machine: two on the front, four on the rear. Likewise out back are a set of DisplayPort connections and a single DVI port. The 2 DisplayPort sockets are HDMI compatible, although you’ll need an adaptor to connect it to any HDMI device. The DVI port is likewise VGA appropriate, and so with a few adaptors, there’s virtually no display the Chromebox won’t work on.

There’s Wi-Fi built in, or you can make use of the Ethernet socket on the back of your Chromebox. It’s good to know, wireless is 802.11n as well as the wired connection is Gigabit-speed equipped. We’re often happy to check this out, nevertheless we are really not absolutely sure what you are going to be doing on the Chromebox that will require Gigabit speeds.

With regards to the Chromebox, it really is unlikely that it’s going to be transferred about much – though it is both small and light. Furthermore likely is it will find yourself being deployed in internet cafes around the world, where it will be a safe, secure and easy-to-maintain computer that can’t easily be destroyed by confused backpackers.

Nevertheless regrettably, going through the Chrome Web Store, there is not that much to attract you to utilize the Google Chromebox as a media player. Like any completely new platform, there’s still a distinctive deficiency of applications available to do valuable things.

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