Razer Naga Mouse for Serious Gamers

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Even though it’s somewhat more costly than other competitive gaming mouse accessories, the Razer Naga Gaming Mouse is designed for the diehard player. People agree that hands down, this is the best-selling gaming mouse. Learning from various other mouse designs and hearing what serious gamers desired and required, the manufacturing company applied exceptional characteristics into the mouse design and style. The end result is a carefully designed mouse complete with the newest technology.

While this particular gaming mouse would be deemed overkill for the ordinary player, for anybody who invests several hours taking part in complex games or somebody involved in competition, this mouse is a necessity. Due to the sophisticated design, there are certain system requirements for using this Razer mouse to consist of:

PC or Mac computer
USB port
High-speed internet connection for driver installation
A minimum of 100MB of hard drive space

Top Features

Experts developed a gaming mouse that provides amazing comfort and control by conceptualizing, creating, and implementing innovative features. Listed here are the features that hard playing gamers love most.

  • Buttons – To begin, this gaming item features 17 MMO buttons that can be configured to deliver access to even more macros and abilities. Included in this feature is the 12-button thumb grid, as well as a couple of mouse buttons located right behind the scroll wheel for remarkable ergonomic control.
  • Side Panels – Another favored design attribute is the 3 side panels that can be interchanged. With the side panels, the mouse can be fitted for different hand sizes, and even grip styles. Thus, this ensures extended playing and competitive gamers enjoy excellent ergonomic comfort.
  • Wireless Play – The wireless connectivity is the type that gamers experience a broader range and variety of movement with no control getting lost or accuracy and reliability affected.
  • Wire/Wireless Mode – The Razer mouse may also be transformed from wired to wireless style with virtually no downturn in game play.

Other Great Features

The features of this specific Razer mouse are seen as the most critical to hardcore and competitive players but this device has even more to offer as listed underneath:

1,000Hz Ultra-polling with one millisecond response
200 inches/second max tracking speed
Ultraslick mouse feet having zero acoustic


There are a number of high-end gaming mouse accessories being sold with each boasting to be the very best however when looking at the history of the manufacturing company, variety of innovative features, and value, it is obvious that the Razer Naga Gaming Mouse is in a league by itself.

Not only are the features and capabilities of this gaming mouse impressive but in addition the packaging and products included. The Razer Naga Gaming Mouse can be acquired for around $72 and as part of the purchase price are a charging dock, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, master guide, quick start guide, and Certificate of Authority. For hardcore and competitive gamers, this gaming mouse is the clear choice.

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