The Moon as a Natural Satellite

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The Earth’s natural satellite and nearest celestial neighbor, the moon, can influence natural happenings in our planet. The location of the moon with regards to the Earth has plenty of important importance to the people on our planet. To many individuals all over the world the lunar cycle performs an essential part in their lives. A very example of which is the moon’s direct relation to world tide levels. Fishermen depend on current tide levels capture fishes on the sea and oceans. Aquaculturists specially those involved in controlled culture of milkfish, tilapia and also prawns are dependent on tide levels in order to determine the ideal moment to harvest their breeds.

The moon is so highly advisable to have an up-to-date and forecast information on its conduct and positioning. As a matter of fact when you’ve got an iPhone along with you, you will never be left behind on what’s present because you can now download and install the application “Moon Phase- Moon info” immediately from the App Store. With this particular very helpful manual on your hands, you’ll have a thorough forecast on the moon’s plus the sun’s transit, rise and set timings. This application includes so many beneficial facts that anyone who use it will value the wonderful contributions of the moon in to our lives.

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