The Well Known Canon EOS DSLR Err 99 Repair Problem Is Not What You Think

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The Canon DSLR Error 99 message has been bedeviling EOS DSLR camera users for quite some time now. There is this consensus that Canon knows what the problem is and is misleading customers regarding the real meaning of the error message. Here’s the genuine answer, and it is not making you happy, sorry.

Err 99 is a universal error message on Canon EOS digital cameras that means there is some sort of bad thing taking place but the camera isn’t sure precisely what! Error 99 isn’t a particular error code that can be used to identify an exact problem or a design flaw with the camera!

For example, here are error messages from page 171 of the Canon EOS 10D manual :
Err 01 – Clean the lens contacts
Err 02 – There is a issue with the CF card…
Err 04 – The CF Card is full…
Err 05 – Something is obstructing the in-built flash….
Err 99 – An error apart from the above…

It’s the same as the old Canon E:18 error message that essentially means there’s a problem with the lens. Masses of people went off the deep end with this code and thought it meant it had been a lens design failing and Canon knew all about it. Canon subsequently dropped the E:18 message in favor of “Lens error, restart camera” and similar codes instead.

If you have got any DSLR camera you may at some particular point in time ; if you use the camera enough, a failure of the shutter box assembly. This is basically the sole moving part of the camera and thus it’ll one day wear out and break.

Canon consumer level DSLR cameras have less impressive shutter box assemblies compared to the professional counterparts, and can break after ten to fifteen thousand shots. If you take a lot of shots this might only last you a few years. A Canon EOS professional DSLR has a shutter box rated as high as 200-300,000 shots which would potentially last the average consumer their entire lifetime.

If a professional photog has an Error 99 message on one of his or her cameras, they know that the shutter box is starting to fail due to normal useage; they dont blame Canon. Why is it that when clients see this error message they blame Canon and want to get paid? Cant we acknowledge that the moving part of the camera has a limited lifespan and will one day must be replaced? Do we blame a car manufacturer when things break on our cars? No, we just pay hundreds or even thousands to have it fixed.

If you own a Canon EOS DSLR with the Error 99 issue there are numerous things you can do first before looking for Canon Err 99 repair to have it corrected. You can try cleaning the lens and body contact points with a pencil eraser, and you can try shooting with a different storage chip. If these things do not work you almost certainly do need to start looking for Canon EOS Error 99 repair. It is not a design flaw, its just ordinary wear from use.

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