Utilize a Streak Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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We at Elite Tech Gearâ„¢ are excited to announce that we offer an economical and streak free microfiber cleaning cloth.

These cloths are developed with the latest technology by trapping and lifting everything from fingerprints to dust and even lint from the delicate surfaces of iPads, camera lenses, jewelry, optics and smart phones.

In a recent interview, Kevin Clark, owner and founder of Elite Tech Gearâ„¢ explained, “We recognize the importance of removing streaks and smudges from various types of delicate surfaces without damaging the surface itself. Oil on the surface of the touchscreen or lenses interferes with the acuity and can even affect the performance of the touchscreen.”

“Our multi-pack product line offers you the best method for ensuring you can always clean the surfaces of the electronics gadgets you use” he continues. There are various sizes available in our product line.

The Six-pack includes one Over-sized cloth measuring 12 by 12 inches and five Original cloths measuring 6 by 7 inches while our 13-Pack includes 29 Original sized with 1 Oversized cloths. Our Thirty-Pack consists of 29 Original and 1 Oversized cloths with our 4-Pack being all Oversized cloths.”

The desire to put the satisfaction of the customer first, is our guiding principle here at Elite Tech Gearâ„¢. We are so certain of the effectiveness of our productproduct bundles} that we offer an almost unheard-of guarantee – no hassles, no questions, 100% money back if you don’t love your cleaning cloths. We offer great customer service so you know how to use and care for the cloths.

Feel free to contact our customer support anytime at: support@EliteTechGear.com

Learn more about the benefits of non-streaking optics cleaning cloth when you visit the Elite Tech Gearâ„¢ website.

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