What Is the Chromebox?

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What is the desktop version of the Chromebook? The revolutionary Samsung Chromebook runs a dual-core Intel Celeron Processor 867 at 1.3GHz, compared to last year’s Chromebook which ran a dual-core Intel Atom N570 at 1.66GHz. The Celeron architecture is a lot more leading-edge, and also the laptop surely seems zippy in our limited assessment thus far. We’ll have more to say on performance in an upcoming article, that may include some benchmarking. The Chromebox comes with an Intel Celeron B840 running at 1.9GHz.

The Chromebox includes a good number of ports, including half a dozen USB 2.0 ports and two DisplayPort++ slots that are that will work with HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

Oddly, the Chromebox doesn’t have SD card reader, but USB gadgets which can read SD cards are popular at any rate. The revolutionary Chromebook has two USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort++ output, plus an SD card reader. Both the laptop as well as desktop have a Gigabit Ethernet port. As the laptop is quite skinny, the Ethernet dock uncovers and juts out a little bit to fit the cable.

Even though the computers are less expensive than any kind of Mac and lots of Windows PCs, we still think they’re a bit high priced for gadgets designed to run just one program: the Chrome Web browser. Yet Chrome machines are fast, and astonishingly user friendly.

We just lately put up an in-depth study of Google’s new Aura user interface for Chrome OS, a window manager which makes Chromebooks act a lot more the Windows, Mac, as well as Linux computers people are familiar with. Whenever Chromebooks first was released a year ago, they reinforced viewing of only one browser tab at a time so that you couldn’t, for instance, type in a Google Doc and look at a different web page as well. Simultaneous viewing of numerous browser windows was included within a couple of months, and also the better Aura user interface reach the Chrome OS programmer channel in April of this year.

Nowadays, Aura becomes the normal user interface for Chrome OS in an operating system upgrade. For the first time, this provides Chrome OS a GUI that is accessible outside the browser, even though it is still very Web-centric. There’s an icon for the file manager, but for the most part the “applications” listed are links to web sites. Users can certainly still fill the full screen with the Chrome browser by just clicking just a little box towards the top right of the screen.

Google has even more optimized Chrome OS for businesses, allowing the devices to quickly configure software programs, network settings, WiFi, VPN accessibility, and business policies, Sheth said. Sheth emphasizes small businesses could take a Chromebook from a delivery truck and give it on to an end user without any IT engagement. This completely new technology supports Google Chrome web browser.

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