Which Is the Perfect Ceiling Fan for You?

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Nothing is simpler than a ceiling fan: it is nothing more than an electric motor, with a propeller. The cooling effect is produced by the rotating blades. The first ceiling fans were produced in the United States in the 1870s: these early models were pretty complicated, and were powered by a small water turbine.

The water turbine had enough power to run more ceiling fans, so it was incorporated into larger buildings, such as restaurants, hotels or offices. These ceiling fans were extremely reliable, many of them still working in the southern part of the United States. However, over the years, the main design was improved considerably.

It was an important moment when Philip Diehl mounted an electric motor on the blades for the first time. The electric motor was quite a novelty in those times, and it was used in sewing machines. Diehl’s idea proved to work just fine: with an electric motor, the ceiling fan became much simpler. The Diehl Electric Fan became the grandfather of today’s ceiling fans.

With this improvement, the use of ceiling fan became widespread. Nobody could make significant improvement to the main concept, but over the time, ceiling fans became better. However, over the time, ceiling fans evolved: lights were mounted on them, and their design also changed.

Nowadays ceiling fans come in countless sizes, colors and shapes. No matter you are looking for something simple and practical or something more fashionable, you will be able to find something to your taste.

Many companies produce ceiling fans today. The most known names in the industry are Hampton Bay, the Casablanca Fan Company, Hunter and Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans. The latter is famous for its original approach to design. The choice is limitless in terms of finishing, blades, accessories and lighting.

And these ceiling fans can be further customized. For example Islander comes with a palm leaf fan blade. The Palisade has a very interesting vertical rotation design. The modern look of the Enigma model is given by its single blade design.

Hampton Bay is also a popular ceiling fan maker. The company uses a system known as Quick Connect that can be extremely helpful during the installation of the fan.

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